Friday, August 08, 2008

Roy's opens in Pasadena

native dancers at Roy's; below, Roy himself

The seemingly ageless Roy Yamaguchi, who opened 385 North in L.A. back in 1984, came back to town last night to open his 37th Roy's Restaurant in Pasadena. Located just across the street from Vroman's bookstore and the Laemmle cinemas at Colorado and El Molino, it gives moviegoers a place to stop in for a Pomegranate Patron Mojito before catching a specialty film. Watch out for the Hawaiian martini though -- the combo of vodka and coconut rum is a bit headache-inducing. At last night's opening benefit party, fusiony appetizers like shumai meatballs and duck confit puffs were delish, but the crush of Pasadena haute society all attired in aloha wear, paired with the nearly naked native dancers, paired with two Hawaiian martinis was all a bit much, so we retired to the quiet of Vroman's.


Natty said...

I've been dying for this to open! Noticed the torches lit on the way to Vromans last night. Woo hoo!

Doran said...

Roy Yamaguchi is a big plus.
Nearly naked native dancers, not so much.