Tuesday, July 29, 2008

L.A. Times news: Brenner leaving, new ad-driven mag

In its latest list of LA Times departures, LA Observed says former Food Section editor Leslie Brenner is leaving the paper -- not surprising, since the LA Times Magazine was killed and the food section has also been decimated. It's too bad, because she wrote the most deliciously mean reviews that were much more entertaining than S. Irene's.

The Times' new advertising department-managed publication LA (now that's imaginative!) will launch Sept. 7, with Annie Gilbar as editor. Food and wine editor is Lora Zarubin, who has some serious credentials as a restaurant owner and food editor at House & Garden. But all the credentials in the world don't make me feel any better about this sorry replacement for the failed Distinction magazine.


oddlyme said...

Oh! I LOVED Leslie Brenner!

She wasn't mean, she was witty. And she wrote with an appreciation of how folks would feel paying for the meal, versus an expense account attitude.

Irene V is nice, but she doesn't get miffed until steaks are $75, and the sides are extra. I get picky way before then!

Anonymous said...

I thought Leslie ran the section into the ground. Michalene did a great job, so naturally the LAT moved her, and Leslie gave readers Regina, moved Russ Parsons off-site, and hired some mediocre writers (La Tempe? She came from AAA--tirebiter.)

I hope to never read her again. The Food section was really one of the best sections of the paper (remember Great Home Cooks?) and it became a press release for Nancy Silverton and such. Brenner should be so ashamed.

oddlyme said...

She's responsible for less Russ Parsons?!

Okay, that's not good.

Charles said...

As the primary food writer for Distinction, during its short life, I'm honored by your praise.
Thank you,
Charles Rosenberg