Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Foodie tours taking off in L.A.

First Esotouric added dumplings and other delicacies to its offbeat historic L.A. tours; then TrekkingLA
started its cultural tours by delving into Thai Town.

Now Melting Pot has started up a series of tours devoted to discovering various eating neighborhoods in the city. Launched by sisters and chefs Lisa and Diane Scalia, they are kicking off with a tour of Farmer's Market and Third St. on Friday July 25 or Saturday July 26 for $49 including lots of samples.
Lots of other cities have food tours -- when I was in Portland, the Portland Epicureantours were selling out on weekends -- so it seems like a natural for L.A.'s bounty of eating experiences.


Vanilla Chunk said...

The idea of most of these tours leave me cold- it's so much more fun to chase down a new place on your own. Also, nobody ever says what you get for the price. I'm open to the idea, but Farmer's? I could give a tour there...Hey! I have!

Jenny said...

This is a great idea, but I don't think these LA tours will ever be as much fun as the Portland epicurean excursion. Portland is a walking city, so you get to cover a lot of different types of cuisine and food offerings in a 4 hour walk. In LA, you'd be more limited to having to focus on one area or type of cuisine. It just wouldn't be as much fun.