Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where to find cask ales in L.A.

Jenn Garbee has a great article in today's L.A. Times -- Beer, Only Better -- on the increasing availability of cask-conditioned ales around L.A. She also mentions that a craft beer hall, The Blue Palms Brew House, will be opening in Hollywood later this summer, which sounds very promising. The best beer I've ever had was a cask-conditioned IPA from Alesmith, so I'm looking forward to hitting the Verdugo as soon as they get their beer engine fixed.

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Matthew K. said...

Yeah, I went to Verdugo Bar last week and I wish I had asked if they had the cask ale. The machine might have been broken though. I'll probably call the next time I go and see if the machine's working. It was a well written article though. LAT Food Section has been shaky as of late.