Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tour the New Chinatowns with Esotouric

Do you know where in "The new Chinatowns" I took this photo?

Esotouric is debuting a new food-related L.A. history tour, The New Chinatowns on Saturday July 12 from 11-3.
It's a social and cultural history of Monterey Park and the San Gabriel Valley, from 1920s oil mania to Wham-O toys, Laura Scudder's potato chips to Chinese immigration. The tour concludes with a dim sum and wine pairing at Wing Hop Fung (catered by Capital Seafood), organized by WHF's new, French-trained sommelier Guillaume Galand. This is a symbolic meal suggesting the vast culinary possibilities facing Monterey Park in the coming decade, says Esotouric. I would definitely go except that I'll be exploring lovely Portland, Ore. that weekend. Even better, if you email Esotouric and tell them "Pat sent you," they'll take $10 off the ticket price.


sku said...

Ah, looks like one of the Sea Harbor rooster. Back when they were on the front porch my daughter used to love to hang out with them when we were waiting to be seated.

Pat said...

That's right, they moved it to the back parking lot of Sea Harbour.