Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Question box: Is Lot 1 ever open?

Lot1 gets signage and outdoor seating

Reader Catherine asks, "Hi there - I keep driving by Lot 1 in Echo Park and it appears to be closed. What's going on? Thanks for your insight."
Answer: I'm not sure that Lot 1 has decided on a permanent schedule yet, but it does appear to be open for dinner most nights. Tuesday night, there were a few tables occupied at 7:00 but no one eating outside, so it looks like there shouldn't be a problem getting a table on a weeknight.
The L.A. Times food section gives Lot 1 chef Josef Centeno front-page treatment today, complete with a video on making your own bacos. Eating L.A. has decided to give Lot 1 a bit more time to mature but will surely try it soon.


Erinn said...

Apparently they're open for lunch too, where they'll be featuring "bacos".
I'm very excited to try making bacos myself. I try and cook up at least 1 recipe a week from the Times food section to see how they turn out.
Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I had wonderful dinner here. Went back the next weekend with friends and... they were closed. On a Saturday. At 7:30. Huh. I'll try again, but that's no way to develop a following.

Anonymous said...

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