Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Historic L.A. restaurants, San Gabriel Valley edition

photo via Meihani's amazing Tiki flickr page

Via the LA Eastside blog, take a trip down memory lane of some of the San Gabriel valley's departed eateries. I was more of a Westsider in the old days, but we too had Sambo's, of course, and Farrell's, and the Helms bakery truck. But I can't believe I had never heard of The Tikis in Monterey Park. Granted, I'm just an amateur tikiphile, not an advanced one, but this place sounds amazing -- underground lava tubes? Erupting volcano? Jungle trails? Why on earth would they ever get rid of this place?

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Richard said...

Ahhh The Tikis. The Club that put Monterey Park on the map. Unfortunately some things that are successful sometimes become the victims of their own success. This entertainment venue could hold thousands of people. The saying would go: "There is always room at The Tikis".

In the 70's this entertainment center was literally shut down by Monterey Park. Redidents were complaining about the noise levels generated in the club. it was a spectacle. I still miss it to this day. If you still want a smaller tiki experience, there is always Bakookas in Rosemead.

Ahhh, the memories