Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ask Eating LA: Rudolpho's and more

Some inbox clearing from the past very busy week. Eating LA promises to pick up the pace this week.
Question from JD:
Why does Rudolpho's on Riverside and Fletcher now say "Home" is the Los Feliz "Home" opening another restaurant there?
Answer: Yes, Home is opening another restaurant there, but Home on Hillhurst will continue to be open. This place has a good patio and bar space, so maybe the new Home will be a good fit for the former Rudolpho's.
Question from Nastassia: My friend is graduating on a Friday afternoon in Westwood. Our family would like to go to a nice lunch out in Santa Monica..any suggestions?
Answer: Hope this one's not too late, but Michael's, the Lobster or Alain Giraud's new Anisette could all be good choices.
Question from Courtney: We are looking for an authentic japanese restaurant. I live in Beverly Hills but don't mind driving downtown if that would be best.
Answer: In Beverly Hills, Mako has good Japanese fusion/small plates dishes. You don't have to go Downtown because Sushi Zo on National is a great traditional sushi bar. Here's some lovely pictures from the Oishii Eats blog. I'm also partial to Hirozen on Beverly Blvd., which has very good sushi as well as some creative cooked dishes. Love their salmon eggs bowl and tofu steak.
and a suggestion from Mark Taylor, a cheese dealer we know:
I suggest you check out a new place called Cinqueterra just E. of Sepulveda on the north side of Santa Monica Blvd. It is new and very good.
Thank you Mark, we will try to get over there!

(photo from Oishii Eats)

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sternberg said...

any word on opening date for the new Home? Also, I think you meant the original Home on HILLHURST ;-)