Monday, May 19, 2008

Lot 1 "closed for upgrades"

I was going to give Lot 1 some time to get it together before I tried it, because early reviews have varied widely -- several reviewers liked the food but thought the space could be a lot more pleasant. And even though I don't always drink with dinner, not even being able to bring a bottle of wine is a little frustrating. Saturday night I noticed it was dark at prime dinner hour, and the phone message says the restaurant closed for upgrades over the weekend and expects to open on Tuesday, May 20. Just to be safe, call ahead (213-481-8400) if you're ready to try chef Josef Centeno's new Sunset Blvd. venture.
Lot 1 -- the good and the bad (Chowhound)
Lot 1 -- mostly just the bad (Chowhound)
Lot 1 -- awesome, but pricey (Yelp)

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