Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Japanese trends invading L.A.? Who wants to be a yurista?

Yurista sounds like something you might catch if you ate the wrong thing in Uruguay, but apparently Yuri Japanese Cafe is looking for a few good Yuristas to fill Yuri rolls at a new fast food Japanese concept near Melrose and La Brea.

And if there weren't already more Beard Papas than we really need, EaterLA reports on Fulfilled, a new Japanese filled pastry shop in Beverly Hills. I've been eating those imagawayaki red bean pastries since I was a kid, but I can't imagine them being the next big thing. Perhaps Fulfilled will mainly cater to the Japanese shoppers on Rodeo Drive.


handmadejewelry said...

Azami on Melrose by La Brea has a chance of ownership sign. Is this where Yuri is looking to move in? I mourn the Azami of old - it's sucked royally lately. :(

handmadejewelry said...

Ack - can't spell. I meant to say "change of ownership" sign.