Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Grace turns 5, hooray!

Neal Fraser, center, with Modern Spirits Vodka's Melkon, left, and Litty, right.

How many upper-tier restaurants can you name that opened five or more years ago and haven't experienced any glitches in food, service or reputation? It's just a handful, and Grace is definitely a member of that club. We stopped by the Beverly Blvd. restaurant's fifth anniversary celebration Monday night, where we were plied with delicious mini pulled pork sandwiches, bacon-wrapped scallops, foie gras mousse, truffled grilled cheese sandwiches, and some buttery, garlicky shrimp concoction I could eat every day. A large hunk of the city's restaurant writers were there to congratulate Neal Fraser and Richard Drapkin on their success. Fraser said the renovation of Cole's Downtown, for which he's consulting on the menu, is coming along slowly but surely, with opening targeted in the late summer/early fall range.

Devilish little tequila caramel milkshakes -- just a shotglass is enough!

On leaving, we tried a perfect sugared doughnut with a welcome salty edge, and a deceptively dangerous caramel/tequila milkshake shot. Grace really knows how to send you out with a bang. Tonight, the new anniversary tasting menu with five courses for $55 kicks off. Call 323.934.4400 for reservations.

Pulled pork that beats any of the barbecue spots...

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