Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flor Morena becomes Michelangelo

The Silver Lake round of musical chairs continues...Chowhound poster Scurvy confirms the last and apparently most reliable Flor Morena rumor. Michelangelo, which has been looking for a nearby spot since they announced they would be closing at the end of May since their landlord terminated their lease (EatingLA 3/14), has settled on the Flor Morena space. Update: I spoke with the owners, who tell me they hope to get the new space fixed up as soon as possible to keep up the continuity for their customers. They're hoping to eventually acquire the full liquor license that was originally approved for the space.
Lot 1 gets a thumbs up
Of course, Josef Centeno, who just two months ago was rumored to be taking the Michelangelo space, has quickly opened Lot 1 in Echo Park. Clare, who has been keeping tabs on the space, posted a favorable early review of Lot 1 on Rainy Days and Sundays.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope they're smart and have a reasonably priced to-go menu and jazz up the dining options. Can't really get excited about their $10 Caesar salad--Nicky D's uneven Italian food is steps away...how about some diversification?

Miles said...

They should also turn half the parking lot into outdoor dining patio and serve brunch. That will really stiffen the competition in the hood between the new Rudolphos/Home, Edendale, Canele and Dusty's. Not to mention the always dependable Astro Family Restuarant.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Michelangelo isn't going to be closing, but it's hard to get excited about them taking over the space. We have plenty of meh Italian on the Eastside.

Anonymous said...

i REALLY wish that a great restaurant or cafe would have opened in that space. this is a huge disappointment.

jblaca said...

Sad really. This area needs a great sandwich/salad spot.

Esther said...

Michelangelo's seemed better about 1 year or 2 ago - or is that just me? For example,the roasted vegetables are oily and not roasted enough, and the menu is the same old, same old and forget about placing a to go order or a delivery, because the woman who answers the phone goes through the specials too fast and with the accent
and the background noise, she's inaudible.

Agreed about the meh Italian.

BTW, anybody know what's up at Rudolpho's on Riverside? There's supposed to be an ownership change coming up over there.