Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lahmajune dynasty continues: a heartwarming and tasty story

(photo from the L.A. Times)

The L.A. Times reports in "Quality Armenian bakers...from Mexico?" about the 60-year old A. Partamian Armenian Bakery on West Adams, which was in danger of closing when owner Leon Partamian died. But fortunately he had decided that two faithful employees, Francisco Rosales and Jose Gonzales and should inherit the bakery and keep making the famous lahmanjune, even though they hail from Zacatecas, Mexico. I wonder if they make maneishe, too?
Partamian's Bakery
5410 W. Adams Blvd.


Ellen Bloom said...

Yeah....I read the article too. I thought all Armenian bakeries, markets were in East Hollywood or Glendale. This place is close to my neighborhood. I will try it soon!

Anonymous said...

I think it is the oldest Armenian bakery in the city, if not one of the oldest bakery period. I recently found out that the Partamian's are related to very close friends of our family, that must be why we have been going there for 50 plus years. The best Lahmajune next to home made anywhere! Let's raise a toast to Leon & his family! They had the American dream and they are passing it on, Salute !

oddlyme said...

I loved this article. It reminded me (and all of LA) that you can make family, they don't have to be blood.

And, it also reminded me of a funny story. Years ago, I was working at an advertising production company. And we had many chefs and restaurant owners in to be interviewed about their places and then have their thoughts cut into a commercial. All of the folks were lovely - caring, creative and fun.

But the owner of Juniors in Westwood stood out. First, he was the only one to bring food for the staff (rugelah) and secondly, he stayed and chatted. And he said 'You know where the next generation of Deli-men is coming from? Mexico." He said most kids today do not want to work as hard as he had (and that he didn't blame them) but that he had a guy from Mexico who could hand slice lox and corned beef netter than he could.

I guess we could expand that statement to Armenian bakers!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best lahmajune I have ever tasted, see for your self go try one.

Anonymous said...

That close family friend who was related to Leon just passed. We will be celebrating his life with some of Partamian's lahmajune! To Leon and his family, we are indebted.