Thursday, February 07, 2008

LaMill "overrated"? -- That was quick!

Only a few weeks old, and already the L.A. Times has decided La Mill is overrated...snap judgments anyone? Normally I like this section, and I certainly agreed with the Nic Harcourt slam last week, but this does seem a tad premature.

Of course, that's in the print version of the Guide, for those who still deign to touch newsprint. (Or click on The Guide - Print). If you just click on the Guide, they promise an Interactive Cupcake Map -- definitely what the city has been waiting for -- but there's nowhere to click! Oh Guide, why do you torture us so?
UPDATE: OK, someone sent me the link: L.A. Cupcake Map by the L.A. Times.

Elsewhere, via LAObserved and Angelenic, La Fonda will re-open on Wilshire Blvd. on Valentine's Day. With so many places Downtown on hold because of the economy, maybe it's just as well to concentrate on preserving the ones that are already there.


Anonymous said...

i agree about nic harcourt, as well. "morning becomes eclectic" should be called "morning becomes way too eclectic for any one person's taste." i do like la mill, but agree that its a bit pompous, too.

Anonymous said...

I've often stated that one could call a restaurant bad (which is an indictment against the restaurant) but you shouldn't call it overrated (which is an indictment against a reviewer).

The reason you shouldn't say something is overrated is that it admits that you've allowed someone else to color your judgment.

Under no circumstances should anyone, no matter how highly rated or poorly rated they deem it to be, replace your own judgment.

In no else ever expressed any opinion of La Mill at all (or if you ignored them all), the experience can still be good or bad, but could never be overrated.

When someone says a place is overrated, it's just a lazy way of not having to form an actual opinion. Unless forming your own is overrated, in which case there's no hope.

Anonymous said...

A restaurant is like a movie. It opens and people form a general opinion about it. A general consensus grows. No Country For Old Men is generally considered a pretty "good" movie. Mad Money s generally considered to be a "shitty" movie. Acknowledging the general consensus doesn't mean that you can't form your own opinion. It's simply another way to add to a discussion. I certainly don't see it as an "indictment against the reviewer?" Restaurants gain reputations. To ignore that seems silly.

brian said...

wow, these comments are more pompous, arrogant and annoying than the reviews, reviewers or LA Mill.
Let me simplify it for you. LA Mill sucks.

Anonymous said...

I don't think LA Mill sucks. The panini was mighty tasty.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the coffee at Lamill (and the chai- my husband's drink of choice) is wow-tastic, but not worth the hefty price or the whopping side of pretentiousness. Not at all. I won't go back. For breakfast, though we can walk to LaMill, I'd much rather make the drive to Auntie Em's where the food is worth the price and the coffee is a bottomless cup of Intelligentsia.

LaMill is not a welcome addition to our neighborhood and it makes me miss Back Door Bakery that much more. Will Back Door Bakery please move into the old Flor Morena space???

mattatouille said...

La Mill is good but overpriced. I've seen the quality of their espresso drinks dip since the early days.

Anonymous said...

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