Thursday, January 31, 2008

Little Dom's update, Svelte closes and more

Little Dom's, which is still getting its sealegs, is not yet ready for the Monday $5 pizza night that was mentioned in a few places...the restaurant hopes to start it up when it's fully operational.

We've been hearing more and more about chef Josef Centeno, who recently left Opus, coming to Silver Lake. Apparently he has his eye on Michelangelo's spot, but let us emphasize that it's all hearsay right now and we haven't yet had time to contact Centeno.

I'm sure you all have more important fish to fry, but my daughter for one is bereft at the demise of Svelte frozen yogurt next to Hard Times Pizza in Silver Lake. I warned her that as soon as Pinkberry moved up the block, it would be curtains for Svelte...lots of empty spaces in that minimall and across the street too.

Hungry? Check out Justoneplate for a luscious photo of a featured dish from a top L.A. restaurant, along with the recipe and a Q & A with the chef. The latest addition is Amarone, with a very enticing strozzapretti pasta with shrimp dish from chef Giuseppe Musso.

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Danielle said...

My daughter is also distraught about Svelte. The people that owned it were always so nice to her and the other kids from Marshall that came in.
We aren't big fans of that Pinkberry either so the closure won't push us there.

So sad.