Saturday, November 10, 2007

Michelin ratings leaked -- Chowhounds already complaining

I don't think Michelin meant to post the first-ever Los Angeles ratings on its website Friday, since the big announcement was supposed to come on Monday. But posted they were, as the L.A. Times describes in today's front page story. The Chowhounds have already weighed in, and quel surprise, they disagree. Russkar, who has probably eaten in more top L.A. restaurants than just about anyone, feels La Cachette deserved a star. Other hounds are wounded by the exclusion of Lucques, Campanile, Grace, etc. To the person who complained about Osteria Mozza not being included: the visits were done before it opened. Still to come are selections for the value restaurants in the "Bib Gourmand" category and their other non-starred choices.

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Anonymous said...

Most of the Stars make sense except for Providence only getting ONE? Definitely Two Stars were deserved!