Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New menu for the Edendale Grill

Happy fifth birthday to the Edendale!
Eating L.A. stopped by the Edendale Grill's Fifth anniversary party last night, which featured roving musicians, fire jugglers and stilt-walkers. Now that owner Melanie Tusquellas has bought out partner and original chef Patti Peck, Tusquellas is changing up the menu a bit. She's refocusing the main menu as more of a straight steakhouse menu with changeable sides in the vein of BLD and Craft, and lowering the prices -- now that's a refreshing change. And since the bar menu is what people seem most interested in at Edendale, she's expanding the bar and small plates menu for a more informal approach overall, as well as adding new cocktails with flavors like litchi and elderberry. The new menu debuts Nov. 1.
Over at Tusquella's other Silver Lake restaurant, El Chavo, work is going on to renovate the former private banquet room and make the restaurant and bar more spacious, with a facelift for the rather drab Sunset Blvd. exterior coming soon.


tannaz sassooni said...

hmm, i wonder. is this the same tusquellas as tusquellas' seafood in the 3rd/fairfax farmer's market?

Anonymous said...

To tannaz, yes it is!
Tried the menu last night, had the moule frites, and they were fairly good, with cioppino, one steak, and about 10 other entrees on the menu. Not a great menu, yet also not Nov. 1's new one either.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why Patty Peck was bought out? Was she forced out or is she doing something on her own or . . . ?