Thursday, September 06, 2007

Strange and wonderful products of the week

Charles Perry writes on the L.A. Times food blog about West Hollywood's new Healthy Bean coffee shop...their coffee is apparently chock full of anti-oxidants and also, protein! They add some sort of whey to give it five grams of protein a cup...add some milk, and you've got breakfast on the run. I'm kind a sucker for added benefits , so perhaps I'll give it a try, although parking in West Hollywood -- not my favorite activity.
Not strange, just wonderful...I'm in the midst of a major popcorn binge these days, so I had to order a four lb. bottle of Savanna Gold from Fireworks Popcorn. There doesn't seem to be anyplace in all of L.A. that carries really good popping corn. Current favorite topping: butter, soy sauce, seaweed and sesame sprinkle.
My recent trip to Marukai market yielded some furikake seaweed for my new popcorn craze as well as a box of green tea/red bean popsicles. Nicely sized for Japanese appetites, they're not very sweet and pack several interesting flavors onto one little stick. Also, whilst googling, here's the contents of some guy's freezer in Japan...a nice tour of Japanese frozen treats.
Last but not least, we come to Quorn. I know, you say, fake meat, meh. Or perhaps you say, mycoprotein, what the hell is that? Yes, Quorn is British fake chicken made from some mutant strain of fungus, but I don't care -- I get really tired of having chicken all the time, it's pretty healthy stuff, and I think it tastes ok. And I've heard all that propaganda that the Center for Science in the Public Interest dished out when Quorn appeared in America, and I'm not really buying it. I don't trust those folks, and look at all those healthy Brits with their good teeth and such.

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