Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Zagat ratings - Congrats to Canele, Babita

I know I'm a day late with the Zagat news, I was off on a citywide eating tour yesterday -- it's a hard job, but someone's got to do it. Here's a few interesting tidbits from the new 2008 Guide:
Canele is the second-highest rated newcomer after Pizzeria Mozza...way to go! Other highly rated newcomers are Celadon, Blue Velvet and Mike and Anne's. Top-rated Chinese is still inexplicably Yujean Kang -- does anyone still go there? But I'd agree with top dim sum being Sea Harbour. And congratulations also to Babita for scoring a whopping 27 rating alongside places like Providence and Spago.
The folks who responded to L.A.'s survey claim to eat out more often (3.8 times per week) than diners in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Paris...probably because it's much more affordable! Although the people in Houston eat out a whopping 4.2 times a week -- what's up with that? Here's one more interesting tidbit...while only 3% of respondents would like to see smoking allowed in restaurants (don't hold your breath), a fairly substantial 15% would like to be able to smoke in bars.

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Anna B said...

Great news for Canele. . . not so great news for those of us around the corner who relied on it as a great local joint! The place was PACKED with a wait by 8PM tonight (Wednesday). Not only that, there was a table of supermodels, two comedians I've seen on TV and a host of other fancy people.

Ah well. . .as long as they maintain the quality, I don't mind eating early to beat the rush.