Monday, September 03, 2007

New around town...'s too hot to try all those Chinese places in the San Gabriel Valley I can't wait to try when it cools down a bit. All I've been able to try lately were cold soba noodles at the Mitsuwa Food Court in West L.A. on the way back from the beach...the tofu aisle is nice and chilly!

So trawling Craig's List is about as much energy as I can summon. Oh, and if you missed the Santa Monica trip below, Monsieur Marcel is opening an outpost on the Santa Monica Promenade, in one of those middle spaces that house juice bars and batik pareo boutiques.

Salades de Provence is open in the former Empanada's Place location at 1040 N. La Cienega in West Hollywood, with organic salads, quiches, crepes, desserts and "other little pleasures from France" Bread is imported from Poilane in France, $15.95 for salads, mon dieu!

Now here's a cool job...Lou on Vine is looking for a full-time cook to work with their house-cured bacon and hand-fabricated sausage and pate.

And Westwood is taking a cue from cereal bars like the Cereality chain and The Cereal Bowl with its own cereal bar, a fairly inscrutable craze that hit a few other college towns a few years ago. Juju Cereal Bar will be at 1248 Westwood Blvd.

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henrychan said...

hey pat,

there's a really nice 'chilled' snack called the "snowflake" that you should try next time you come to SGV. perfect for the hot summer days. They serve it at a place called 85 degrees tea house...