Friday, September 14, 2007

Ludovic is looking good at Breadbar

Eating L.A. can't wait to try Ludobites, a series of small plates that chef Ludovic Lefebvre is doing Tuesday through Friday evenings at Breadbar on Third St. When we stopped in for a gravlax sandwich on a fleur de sel baguette today, the tattooed titan of the kitchen was hunkered down at a corner table working on the menu, which changes every day. It's sponsored by the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, so there's nearly a dozen cheese selections ($6 per plate) like Moliterno truffle and Fourme d'ambert with all kinds of condiments like June Taylor's spiced pear butter and homemade harissa. Vegetable dishes like red beet gazpacho are $6, while meats and fishes like tarama, lomo and proscuitto are $8 a plate. Dessert sounds promising, too, with red jalapeno chocolate mousse and milk risotto with vanilla. There's one entree dish of the day at $15 -- yesterday it was lamb moussaka with citrus and carrot. Oh, and bring your own wine!


Patty said...

I stopped by thursday night when I was leaving the office, I work across the street and go for lunch usually. It was so fun. The guy from the cheese store was next to Ludo cutting meat and cheese, they are right in the front of the restaurant and speak with everyone. I had the tomatoes with some kind of whipped feta cheese, it was unbelievable, the texture was incredible. I also had the skirt steak. wow is all I can say. The waiter told me that it was marinated with coke and espresso. I will definitely be back, seems like Thursday is the night to be there, The music was very loud and every table was sharing wine.

Food Marathon said...

I'll be there Friday night. I'll report back next week.