Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Breakfast at Cora's and strolling Santa Monica

My wonderful yoga teacher Erin held yoga classes on the beach this summer... I finally made it for the last class, and it was beautiful doing yoga next to the Casa del Mar as the mist burned off over the ocean.
After all that yoga I needed a hearty breakfast at Cora's. There's lots of people waiting for patio tables on weekends, but it's not hard to score a stool at the counter. Not that I needed more burrata after Mozza the night before, but the burrata caprese omelette looked awfully good.
Heirloom tomatoes were roughly chopped on top of the omelette, which came with brioche toast and one of their grilled hunks 'o potato. On the way to the Promenade, I was happy to see that Chez Jay still looks the same as ever, since nearly everything else in Santa Monica has changed drastically since I went to high school there.
Maybe I shouldn't have had quite such a hearty brunch, because when I got to the Promenade, the Sri Lankan festival was already in full swing, and I was too full to try anything. But the rotis, short eats and stringers all looked unusual and good...there used to be a Sri Lankan restaurant in Hollywood but now I think there's just one in the Valley.
On my way back, I saw that Joe's Pizza from New York looks to be opening fairly soon on Broadway, next to a Kiwiberri, of course, which will make four or five yogurt places within a two block area. I guess I should get to Santa Monica more often...or at least for next year's Sri Lankan festival!
Updated: I forgot to mention that a branch of Farmer's Market's Monsieur Marcel is moving to the Promenade, in one of the middle stalls, replacing one of the generic snack bars there.