Friday, July 27, 2007

Restaurant roundabout: Le Figaro, Madame Matisse change hands

Some people remained loyal to Le Figaro on Vermont through all its changes...price increases, organic food, wasn't there even biodynamic food at some point? Eating L.A. gave up when it took half an hour to order one frigging espresso, but with nice Frenchy decor and a prime location, it could be so much more. Now it's changed hands once again and hopefully the new ownership will be more local and more interested in what the locals want in a bistro.

Madame Matisse has also changed hands, with Debra King from Cakewalk taking over the tiny Sunset Blvd. cafe. King plans to keep things much the same, just adding some daily specials and more of her baked goods which have gotten good notices.

And Gingergrass has taken over the lease on the bookshop next to Silverlake Coffee...wouldn't it be nice if it turned into a Vietnamese fast food spot or something cool? But the word for now is that they'll use it as a kitchen for their catering operation.


Miles said...

Good news for Gingergrass, but bad news for local bookstores!

MaxMillion said...

^ hahaha -- true!

I love the (non authentic) fare at Gingergrass, but there is a TONNE of sugar in everything, especially in the delicious sauces...