Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nice piggy!

The L.A. Times food section had a lovely article on an Iowan Herb Eckhouse, a Harvard-educated Jewish liberal who makes excellent artisanal proscuitto with his wife. The article said you can buy La Quercia's products at Froma on Melrose -- but Eating L.A. did not know of such a place! Apparently the gourmet deli just opened this week. Froma (7960 Melrose Ave. (323) 653-3700) carries a variety of savory cheeses and meats and such and sounds like it might give Cube a little competition in that neighborhood.

Also in the Times, lotsa yogurt stuff. No mention of my current favorite, Milano Freezer, or another mini-chain, Yogurt Queen. Otherwise, it's pretty comprehensive. So maybe we can stop with the yogurt now?

And in My Favorite Weekend, "John from Cincinnati's" Austin Green seemingly does his weekend in character as a spacey alien-type dude -- "there's this place, like, called Mozza that's really cool." Gotta love a guy who likes to hang out with the crazy man at Cactus Taqueria and goes to the Watts Towers to lie on the grass and read a book.


Anonymous said...

His name is Austin Nichols, not Austin Green.

Ellen Bloom said...

Maybe the LATimes is clued into this blog and decided to spark up "My Favorite Weekend." The column has been better lately!

P.S. Cactus #1 is on Beverly and Kingsley, east of Western.

Stephanie said...

Obligatory comment-- What's a nice Jewish Harvard professor doing selling cured pork for a living?