Friday, July 20, 2007

Abigail Breslin flogs $20 kids menu at the Palm

Here's a little piece I wrote for Variety about all the food tie-ins for the film "No Reservations." No fear of child labor here -- they've got kiddie thesp Abigail Breslin appearing on Emeril Live next Thursday before the movie opens as well as "consulting" on a new kids' menu for the Palm Restaurants...just $20 for mac 'n cheese or steak tenders. While Thomas Keller consulted on the food for "Ratatouille," "No Reservations" got advice on cooking up a fictional New York restaurant from Michael White of Fiamma.

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JB said...

I got that email from the Palm and found it rather bizarre. They're also giving away tickets to a special "nearby screening" of the movie if you go eat there before 7PM on some day or another. That could be one of the more bizarre marketing tie-ins I've seen. If you're paying $20 for mac and cheese and $50 for a steak, do you really care about a free movie ticket?