Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Favorite Weekend goes on a binge

What's this? An all-new jumbo sized edition of the L.A. Times' My Favorite Weekend? Is actress Lauren Graham's taste so impeccable that she rated a double-paged spread? Apparently. On the plus side, the Times has finally learned how to spell Joan's on Third, and you can't fault Graham's "never go west of La Cienega" mantra.
On the con side, can someone tell me why people still go to Mexico City?
Favorite line: "We'll occasionally go for Mexican at Malo if we're with my friends who live even farther east. They're Silver Lake people, and you have to compromise with the Silver Lake people."
Yes, we're a difficult bunch, who prefer to stay in the hood. Because after a few margaritas, why would you want to drive home from anywhere farther?


Matt said...

Yeah, Mexico City is pretty mediocre. Service at Malo sucks and it's expensive. The Spanish Kitchen is just OK. El Cholo just isn't as good as I remember it to be anymore. I only go there because it's close to me.

Being from LA I prefer some of the more authentic places, like ordering a gordita with succulant fried carnitas from Roast to Go at Grand Central Market, enchiladas from El Tepeyac before a Dodger game or taquitos from Rodolfo's at Olivera St. Now I've made myself hungry. I think i know where I'm going this weekend.

Amanda said...

I saw Lauren when I was at Malo a couple weeks ago! I can't say that she was really blending in with the crowd there.

Erin S. said...

My husband and I call it Mexico Shitty.

Steve said...

mexico city is good, i'd say a hell of a lot better than malo. sometimes you just don't want to go to el chavo.

and of course the carnitas from roast to go is amazing, but you undermine your credentials by using authentic and el tepeyac in the same run-on sentence.

Matt said...

Leave my bad grammer out of this, or I'll point out your bad use of punctuation.

Lindsay said...

frankly, i think that article makes lauren graham sound like a total asshole.
--lindsay william-ross

KT said...

I have to admit that I would probably give Lauren Graham an extra-large article too. The writer obviously has a huge crush on her, and I can relate.

I think she has great taste in her farther west restaurants ... not only do I rarely go west of La Cienega, but I rarely go east of Highland, so I can't comment on her eastside choices.

Anonymous said...