Friday, June 01, 2007

Intelligentsia, Gaucho's Village and more

The new Los Feliz Ledger is out, with my review of Gaucho's Village, the Brazilian "all you care to eat" place in Glendale. We might head back there this weekend for my carnivore son's birthday and take some pictures, but in the meantime, here's a sample:
"Soon the meaty parade begins. Waiters arrive bearing spits which they carve onto the plate. Filet mignon? Sure. Garlic steak? Ooh, that one’s nice. Lamb? Not the most flavorful, but sure. Polish sausage? Wow, this is starting to seem like overkill. Brazilian sausage? Hmm, that one has a nice spicy flavor. Meats are nicely cooked but on the plain side.
A bevy of sequined dancers samba away while diners contemplate their cholesterol levels—don’t worry, the band won’t forget to play 'The Girl From Ipanema.' It’s kitschy, but fun nonetheless."
Also, in the restaurant news section (as usual, scroll down past the doggie news), we revisit the Yuca's changeover and talk to Craig Min, owner of Lamill Coffee coming to Silver Lake Blvd. Min hopes he will be ready to open in late summer, with an interior designed by Rubbish's Scott Mangdin. He plans to introduce several unique extraction methods for the premium coffees and he will also offer breakfast, lunch and dessert items. The dessert chef for one of L.A.'s top restaurants (hint: they already serve Lamill Coffee) will help out with sweets, and Min promises the cafe will be open late enough to let people stop by after dinner for dessert and a tisane.

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Mike said...

Ya know I've yet to go to Yuca's. That's gotta be my next stop. I've seen it mentioned more and more frequently as of late.