Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cupcakes refuse to die

Glycemic index, be damned...Audrey Davidow has a nice story on people who quit their jobs to bake cupcakes, and other tales from the burgeoning L.A. bakery scene. Of course, since it's an interesting story about L.A., it's in the New York Times.
Also in the NY Times...Bon Appetit editor Heather John gets married in the Napa Valley.

And as for the L.A. Times...well, not so much to read, but the website does seem to be looking cleaner and less frustrating to navigate. West magazine tells us that apparently it took the Grove to teach us ambulatoryily-challenged Angelenos to learn to walk. Probably true, but kind of sad. But hey, who's looking forward to Americana in Glendale...maybe this part of town will get its own Cheesecake Factory!

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AVN said...

Cheesecake Factory? What, no Maggiano's?