Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Opus alert! Tasting menu fades to shadows...

Apparently Opus couldn't keep up the $30 for three or more courses tasting menu any longer, not that we really expected it could go on forever. The tasting menu option isn't listed on the menu anymore, according to a Chowhound poster, but is available at $10 per course, four course minimum on request. I don't want to sound any alarms, but Opus never seems to be as full as it should be considering the quality of the food. I'm afraid it may be suffering from the Norman's curse: excellent food with a nice atmosphere in an odd location that for some reason puts people off.
Speaking of Norman's, does anyone know what's going into that Sunset Strip space? There appears to be some construction going on there.


H. C. said...

I can see how that area can be offputting to those not familiar (most people don't think of this type of food smack in the middle of Koreatown)

But I am surprised that the Wiltern spillover business & the Wilshire commuters aren't keeping this place in shape.

Ah, the $30 was good while it lasted, but frankly - at $40 minimum it's not bad either.

Anonymous said...

according to my gym equniox and some shops around the complex norman's old space is turning into an H&M. that was the talk right when it closed a few months ago.

Anonymous said...