Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Highland Park heats up

Billy Boy aka Slowrider on Chowhound is keeping us updated with goings-on in Highland Park. Marty's, from Mia Sushi owner Rudy, has opened, with menu items like T-bone steak with green peppercorn sauce for $19, Kobe burger with garlic aioli (is there any other kind?) for $13 and a plank of charcuterie for $11. Valet parking is available (!) and it's on the North side of York between Ave. 51 & 52.
Down the street, Johnnie's Bar at 5006 York officially opens this Friday, he says. "It was open last Thursday as well and was giving out free beers. Nice little spot w/pool table and patio out back." And, the York is still not open, he reports.
And over on Figueroa, Dennis from Antigua Bread at Figueroa and Ave. 57 says they expect to open in July, after some of the inevitable permit problems are worked out.


Le Lion said...

i went to Martys last weekend. The door guys and the staff were super nice, which makes me feel bad for the rest of my review...the interior/decor are pretty lame. the moment i walked in i could have sworn i was in WeHo. the crowd was kinda...dude-y (slicked back hair, silk shirts), but we had a good couple of drinks before heading to Footsies. didnt get any food, but the fries looked delish. I'd brave going again if there were nothing else to do...

i cant wait for Johnnies and The York!!

slowrider said...

I agree w/your assessment of Marty's completely.
Will only go there if I'm hungry and the food at the York (when it opens) sucks.
Johnnie's is really cool!
That's gonna be my main spot. I can walk there from my house....loving it!

frankong said...

Tried Marty's Monday night and it seemed far from finished. There wasn't much in terms of decor and a well drink cost me six dollars (the smoking patio out back consisted of three ashtrays). It still smelled of fresh paint.

Once its novelty wanes, I doubt it'll attract anything more than locals and Cave dwellers, especially after Johnnie's opens.

Love your blog!

Le Lion said...

slowrider, i can walk there from my house too! im at York and 50 :)

slowrider said...

le lion,
me too. York & 50 .
4 blocks up @ 50 & Almaden.
small world~!
You should hit one of the 2nd Saturday Spoke 'N Art Gallery night bike rides.
Basically a bar on bikes that visits galleries in the Eagle Rock & HP areas. Party at the end w/pinatas, bbq, goofy contests etc.....