Friday, April 13, 2007

Luke Thompson, connoisseur of sushi and hooters

I must say, I was a touch skeptical when I saw that my friend Luke Y. Thompson had reviewed a sushi bar for the OC Weekly. I mean, I find his film reviews amusing, although not everyone agrees. But I wasn't so sure about his taste in food -- I know he likes sushi, yet he also consumes more fast food than seems prudent or chowish. But, more fool me -- Luke did a very nice job reviewing Takaraya in Orange. And just like one of his food-reviewing mentors, Meredith Brody, it was fun to see who he went with -- in this case, David and Julie, frequent commentors on Luke's and the late Cathy Seipp's blog. And he didn't mention hooters once.


LYT said...

I should just do a restaurant review of Hooters sometime. I only eat at fast food so much because I'm totally broke.

But my taste in sushi and hooters is generally impeccable. Thank you for the good words.

Doug said...

You must have spent years refining your hooters palate.