Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Opus: a work in several courses

My review of Opus, both the tasting menu and the Baco night, is up at the Los Feliz Ledger site. (Scroll down past the dog therapy article).
Here's an excerpt from the review:
"Our series of dishes included lots of unexpected touches: celery root panna cotta topped with juniper seeds; clear red balls on top of sashimi impersonated salmon caviar, but were made of red pepper juice. A milky hazelnut soup harbored a lobster ravioli; other tasting menus pair the nut-based soup with foie gras. A seared scallop is a bit overcooked, but it’s resting on top a light and eggy pancake surrounded by a moat of luscious truffle butter—so all is forgiven. We finish with a milk-fed poussin—according to Centeno, the baby chicken is a rare limited edition, but although the green Szechwan peppercorns add a nice tingle, it’s still just chicken. Dessert is a fun take on PB & J, with a peanut butter brulee tart paired with little cubes of fruit gelee."
As many Chowhound posters have pointed out, the $30 tasting menu is an incredible value, and definitely worth a try.

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