Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday's rants and recs

Not much good eating lately...I've been dealing with a horrible leak and flooded living room, so it's been takeout pho from Indochine; office-catered food from Chichen Itza; pizza and Delerium Tremens beer at the 3rd Stop...basically catch and catch can.

This is what I've been thinking about while not eating...
I have no idea who Austin Bush is, but he's a great photographer and I love his Thai food blog Real Thai. I'm putting him on my blogroll and he might just inspire me to learn Photoshop. There's a rice dish on his blog called khao khluk kapi that looks so any Thai restaurants in L.A. serve it?

Sometimes the folks at Center for Science in the Public Interest just seem like a bunch of kill-joys, but their recent revealing of the hideous calorie counts in chain restaurant food is pretty shocking. Chow's Grinder blog agrees. I'm the last person to be the food police, but people should probably be ashamed to eat at these places where one pasta dish tops 2000 calories.

And Prince Charles may indeed by hypocritical, but I think I'm with him on this one too: Let's just ban McDonald's and get it over with. As long as he doesn't try to ban salt and vinegar crisps or dark chocolate digestive biscuits, then I don't see the problem.

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Austin said...

I'm Austin Bush, dammit. And thanks for the link.

P.S. I'd be really surprised if you can get khao khluk kapi in LA.