Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Joel Stein scores some horse

Say what you will about columnist Joel Stein, he's man enough to eat some horse in service of a Time magazine column. I'm a little prejudiced because I helped him find this mail order source of horse proscuitto, which he found quite tasty with a little arugula and lemon juice. (Since horse meat has been banned in the U.S., you have to order it from Canada.) And I agree with Joel -- running Barbaro's obit alongside deceased humans seems like it's going a bit far. If there's any leftover horse charcuterie, Joel, send it on over.


H. C. said...

I've been following Joel's column in TIME recently too-- it seems he's found a "food trend" niche there, talking about Ghetto Gourmet, the raw foods diet and, now, horse!

I think he has a nice prose style, perhaps bordering on being too snarky. And does he really not answer his work e-mail?

Anonymous said...

I could go forever without ever thinking about Joel Stein again, so I'll skip the article. But horse? Pfft. Let's have Anthony Bourdain (or better yet, Andrew Zimmern) drag Stein's sorry butt around and see how long he lasts.

poopycat said...

Horse prosciutto! All I can say is . . . .horse prosciutto! Wow.