Monday, January 15, 2007

Eating L.A. dropped by the Showtime celebrity gift mansion Saturday to visit Barrie Lynn, the Cheese Impresario. Our favorite cheese expert was giving tastes of several amazing cheeses to the starlets and other friends of Showtime invited to the swag-a-thon and benefit for the Make a Wish foundation.

The cheeses were paired with beautiful blooming flower teas as well as with great Italian wines from Folio Wine. Sophie loved the Canaria cheese from Carr Valley Cheese; unfortunately it's not available in L.A. Barrie Lynn and her Cheesettes were busy feeding the semi-famous, so we checked out the other offerings in the lovely Hancock Park house, including the intriguing rhubarb and lavender sodas from Dry and Jimi Hendrix Vodka, although they wouldn't tell us what made it Hendrix-flavored.


Anonymous said...

and just HOW did you get into this, dear Patty?
Your "real job"?

truckel said...

You can find Carr Valley cheeses for sale online -- I found it at