Monday, January 08, 2007

Better late than never

Since I've been gone, everyone already knows, no doubt, that the Chowhound poll results for L.A.'s ultimate restaurants of 2006 have been released. Top 10 are Providence, Spago, A.O.C., Angelini Osteria, Lucques, Grace, Urasawa, Cut, Jar and Sona, with Langer's Deli, Hatfield's and perennial Chowhound favorite La Buca bubbling right under the top 10.

L.A.'s Thai restaurant world is in some flux right now...Garden Grove favorite Thai Nakorn was unfortunately destroyed by a fire Monday while Norwalk's popular Renu Nakorn remains closed for renovations. However, Hollywood's Ruen Pair has reopened, establishing some sort of Thai restaurant equilibrium. Eating L.A. recommends that while waiting for the Orange County places to re-open, take a Sherman Way Thai tasting tour in the valley and you won't be disappointed.


Carrie said...

There's this really great Thai restaurant in Burbank called Chaduka Thai. I know, it's in Burbank, but it's really good.

Anonymous said...

Are you implying that Norwalk is in Orange County? Some people have to live in Norwalk and don't appreciate being lumped in to the OC.

Unknown said...

My bad. I couldn't remember which side of the Orange Curtain Norwalk is on.