Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Quick taste: Bloom Cafe

We tried Bloom Cafe on Pico for lunch last week. The perky, modern spot has been getting good notice for its breakfast dishes, but I wasn't too impressed after my first visit. I ordered the seared salmon salad, but I guess I didn't realize that "seared" was code for "covered in incredibly salty spices." And that nice pile of potatoes on top in the photo? They were practically raw -- isn't that poisonous or something? How hard is it to boil a potato, anyway? I did like how the salmon was cut into manageable little filets -- I could eat this all the time if it was prepared properly. On a blustery winter day, we were hoping for some really stellar soup selections, but the only choice was a wan basil-vegetable, which could have used some of the salt from the salmon. Since it was my birthday, we shared a nice chocolate mousse pastry with a crispy cookie bottom that was substantially better than the main dishes. I might give Bloom another try since it's close to my office, but at this point, I'm still missing Posh on Pico and the Latino burger.


Ellen Bloom said...

Oh...sorry you had a poor meal at Bloom Cafe. I've only been there for breakfast and it was good both times. Hopefully, you'll try again.

ipsedixit said...

Ditto that sentiment.

For all of Posh on Pico's quirks, the breakfast there was really well-done.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice that people love Bloom Cafe but are so unaware of the hardship in parking that is places on people on the side streets,Curson, Ellsmere, Sierra Bonita. There are days we fear leaving our homes due to the customers and employees parking on our street. The restuarant may be nice, but if you go there try parking on Pico and allow us to park in front of our homes and to have visitors park on our street as well.