Saturday, October 28, 2006

What's new?

Sorry about the slow posting...lots of kid issues to deal with and besides, even food writers can't always eat in new restaurants. But if you have a good one to suggest, please go ahead. Here's a few short takes:

We tried the Shichirin Japanese tabletop grilling at the Los Feliz Asian fusion spot Tiger Lily the other night. This would be a good spot to dispel the awkwardness of a first could sip white lychee martinis while grilling tidbits of steak and tuna and feeding them to each other, and the smokeless charcoal won't leave you smelling smoky like some of the Korean places. We also liked the grilled lamb with coriander-mint vinaigrette and the Szechwan rib-eye. And it's pretty much impossible to resist the popcorn rock shrimp with chili aioli.

I don't think I ever wrote up my trip to the's the capsule version:
-- hamburger is good and juicy, but the bun falls apart
-- pulled pork has a great intense smoky flavor, but don't forget to add sauce at the counter. Also the bun falls apart.
-- fries are nicely crunchy, but ask for them well done and eat them fast, because as soon as they get cold they lose all flavor.
Basically, a good stop for a quick bite if you're near Eagle Rock, but not worth a special trip.

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Plague said...

Tiger Lily after several vists (I like to pound my head against a wall, I guess) still doesn't impress me. The menu choices don't gel, they are just splayed out so there just HAS to be something you might like. Thus, the effort in each dish is thin and standard.
Don't even get me started on the rather ridiculous prices.