Saturday, September 16, 2006

Black Dahlia at Scoops

The suggestion board at Scoops -- I'll add a vote for mango sticky rice!
Saturday was definitely Black Dahlia day for Eating L.A. First we tried the Black Dahlia ice cream at Scoops, and then we saw the movie. The movie wasn't quite as bad as we had heard -- it was actually pretty entertaining trying to lose yourself in 1940s L.A. for a little while (even if it was partly filmed in Prague). It's no "L.A. Confidential," though.
OK, I'm no Meredith Brody, so on to the ice cream. Scoops owner Tai Kim told us the special deep lavender colored Black Dahlia flavor (pictured at left) was made from a type of yam and rosewater -- so it tasted pretty much like taro ice cream. Matt also had the brown bread flavor, while I tried the pomegranate poppy seed and the white chocolate with black salt. I loved the idea of putting salt in ice cream, and although it was pretty salty, it was a good counterpoint to the rich white chocolate. The pomegranate was really nice with just a little tartness, although I confess I find the Sheer Bliss pomegranate ice cream from the supermarket to be richer and more flavorful. I love the idea of all the crazy flavors at Scoops, but like Little Tokyo's Mikawaya, the ice cream is made in the subtle Asian style that for the most part doesn't pack the flavor punch of the best gelatos.
Kim also said that Brad Pitt had recently stopped by the store with some of the Jolie menagerie to sample the kooky flavors! That guy gets around...first the Banksy exhibit, and now Scoops.
712 N. Heliotrope Dr., just north of Melrose
East Hollywood
open Monday-Saturday, 12pm-9pm


alison said...

Brad Pitt(and family) just moved back into his house in Los Feliz...expect more sightings..maybe at the "Hollywood Gelato Factory" opening "soon " on Hillhurst.

LYT said...

I want to hear more about the brown bread flavor! Did Matt like it, or describe it in any kind of detail...or, heaven forbid, let you taste it?

Pat said...

I did get to taste the brown bread -- the flavor was mild but I liked the crispy little bits of bread. Go try it!

LYT said...

I see someone suggested "Guinness" as a flavor -- didja know Ben and Jerry's has a flavor called "Black and Tan" that's a guinness-chocolate swirl? Works better than I'd have thought.

Now where's my Jack and Coke sorbet? Someone really should get on that.