Friday, August 11, 2006

Pasta gets Cubed

Do you get the idea that pasta has become a hidden indulgence? You don't hear much about it anymore, and yet I'll bet most people probably eat as much of it as they ever did. It can't really be much worse for you than cheese or proscuitto... And just think how good it is if you combine all three of these ingredients! You can do just that at Cube, where I stopped by the opening tasting last night to try some delicious things like Salumi's mole salami, raw sheep's milk cheeses and pizza with figs and gorgonzola. Cube used to be the Divine Pasta Company, and all of Divine's handy frozen raviolis, fresh pasta and pizzas are still available. But now you can also sample dozens of artisanal cheeses, charcuterie and lots of fun mustards, honeys, etc. They have a light menu for both lunch and dinner with panini, pizza from their wood-burning oven, all their pastas and cheese plates, and they're open until 11 at night in case the urge for some cocoa cardona cheese hits late. And next year, if the beverage licensing gods smile upon them, there will be wine too.
615 N. La Brea
(323) 939-4148


Pablo said...

I am more a fan of the sauce than the pasta. The sauce can make a good pasta a bad meal or a bad dry pasta a passable plate. My recomendation for a sauce restaurant? A little far from LA but worth the trip.
30 center pointe dr
La Palma, Ca 90623
714 523 3729

give it a try

meg said...

Yeah, we're pretty fond of Cube -- good food, good service. Although the filling for the chicken ravioli is rather grim, having been milled to the consistency of baby food.