Friday, July 07, 2006

Breakfast is busting out all over...

Blair's in Silver Lake is opening a breakfast's a wishlist, Blair's, in case you're listening:
--really good espressos and cappucinos...ask Craig at Lamill how he makes his.
-- excellent pastries. Personally I like the raisin snails, but flaky pain au chocolat and almond croissants would also be appreciated.
--great bagels. Probably not available in L.A., but we can always dream.
--some healthier pastries, like bran muffins with lots of fruits and nuts, like at R Bakery.
--Healthy yet tasty breakfast dishes -- how about a multi-grain French toast with fresh fruit topping, or a really delicious eggwhite omelette with a beautiful fruit cup like Square One's?
--Maybe some fun papers and magazines from other cities and countries to peruse during breakfast?

And Grace's little sister BLD is supposed to open July 11...too bad I missed the real piggies at one of the pre-opening events, but I'm sure I can return to eat them up as apple-smoked bacon.
)Sorry, vegetarians, couldn't resist.)

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