Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Chowhound and more

My Internet was down all week (note to self: next time, first check the power supply before enduring Best Buy hell to buy new router) so I just now got a look at the new Chowhound. I suppose the interface is clean enough, although the post names seem unnecessarily large and bold, so that only a dozen or so posts can be displayed at a time. There's a few interesting new boards, like Wine, Beer, Spirits and Food Media.

Is there a gentrifying cranny of the city that doesn't have its own wine bar in the works? My hairdresser tells me that a new wine bar is coming to the former Ranch market space in Atwater where Starbucks is also supposedly going in.

Coming soon to the ArcLight Cinemas complex: Sushi Club, which looks scary, and Charcoal, a new steakhouse concept from the Gaucho Grill's Adolfo Suaya.


ipse dixit said...

I hate the new Chowhound software; it loads like cold molasses in the dead of winter and reads like a crossword puzzle for the dyslexic.

Oh well, all in the name of progress I guess.

carter said...

Ipse, we are DEFINITELY in agreement on this issue - awful!
The fact that you have to continually scroll 21-40, etal is very time consuming, and your back arrow often renders you off the site entirely.
There are some good points, and I obviously will let them work out the kinks, but......!
And then the registration hell that many, initially including myself, endured or are enduring is truly nightmarish.

ipse dixit said...

no kidding, carter.

CNET has loaded the software with so much script that the [backspace] key now is a relic just like the Diner's Club credit card.

Luckily for me, I had no hangups with registration ...

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