Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Restaurant news, hi to lo

From the sublime to the mundane, in approximate order...

Wolfgang Puck is getting close to opening his new steakhouse in the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel, which will be named Cut. Steak still seems to be the concept du jour. But the Chowhounds are up in arms that Puck has revamped the menu at Vert and taken off some much-loved dishes such as the Alsatian tart and the fritto misto. Guess they were a little too fer-en for the tourists.

Also in steak news, Mastro's is opening a Thousand Oaks location...they do make a mean Manhattan, but don't people ever get tired of steak?

Gayot says the new restaurant from the Grace team in the old Opaline space will be called BLD -- breakfast, lunch, dinner, got it? Apparently a market and charcuterie are also planned -- it all sounds very promising.

In the old House space on Melrose, Jay Fagnano, formerly of Indigo and ex Incendo, is opening Jay's Larchmont Grill.

Several notches below these places, but still important to our hoodies:
Farmhouse Thai on Virgil and Marathon, which wasn't very good, is changing to a Vegan Star restaurant (probably Thai as well), a growing genre around L.A. these days. Stay tuned.

And there's two new pizza options in the Silver Lake area -- I haven't tried Rocco's yet (in the old Vito's location), but I've heard it's quite good. We did try Rudelli's (323) 644-4930, which was cheap and had a good crust but was otherwise eh.


plague said...

No, you CAN'T get tired of steak.
Scientific fact.

Erin S. said...

Re: your previous mention of June...when is it slated to go in the Belle Epoque place? Because as far as I can tell Belle Epoque is still open...

Jess Winfield said...

I know Thousand Oaks. I grew up in Thousand Oaks.

Mastros is going to be the best restaurant in Thousand Oaks. And plague is right, steak is always, always good.

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