Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday news

The cute little cafe Mornings/Nights on Griffith Park Blvd. suffered an electric wiring fire last week. Will Campbell reported it on Loss was estimated at $140,000. It's too bad, because they were very nice. Love the comment on Will's post "And to think it could have been L.A. Chinese Food." L.A. Chinese Food on Sunset is likely the scariest restaurant in Silver Lake. I used to have friends who ate there in the 1980s and apparently lived to tell the tale, and inexplicably, it looks exactly the same now as it did in 1986 when I moved to Silverlake.

It looks like the excellent Yucatan stand Chichen Itza in Mercado La Paloma may be opening a larger downtown location. Good news for cochinta pibil lovers, as theirs is one of the best around.

Like Mike at Franklin Avenue, I'm fascinated by the heavily Filipino Eagle Rock mall, and not just because it has a Target and the best Chinese chair masseuse in town. The mall already has branches of Jollibee and Goldilocks bakery, and now it's getting outlets of some more places straight out of Manila. Seafood City is a supermarket which looks to be taking over a huge portion of the mall, while the adjacent Jollibee-owned Chowking will apparently be Chinese/Filipino fast food.


Santos said...

seafood city is a american supermarket chain, albeit one owned/operated by a filipino-american management company (which also owns the us jollibee/chowking franchise). i'm curious to see what one looks like as all the new large supermarkets in manila look like us/uk supermarkets. i heard the west covina branch has a statue of freedom fighter josé rizal. whooo!

although i understand it's just better business to import the most popular franchises to the states, i wish some of the better quality, lesser known filipino franchises would make their way over. chowking isn't nearly as bad as l.a. chinese food, but part of me would rather go there than suffer through more mediocre generic chinese fast food--a much more unique experience.

L.A. Chinese Food Survivor said...

You know, L.A. Chinese Food isn't so scary. It beats the heck outta the generic American chains a la Panda, anyway... The owners are super nice, and while the food isn't San Gabriel Valley quality, if you view it as Chinese-American homestyle comfort food, it ain't so bad. If you ever do brave it, get the chicken curry and the quaintly named "bean cake" pork.

Moira said...

As someone who recently moved here from San Francisco (aka foodie heaven), I was jazzed to find this blog (esp. as I live in Los Feliz), as well as, which occasionally covers food in the area.

They recently reviewed LA Chinese Food which I thought you'd enjoy. Best review of bad food ever. (An alternative take can be found on Blogging LA - apparently it was a team effort. That or they decided to tackle the joint using the buddy system.