Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New York minute, or two

Eating L.A. had a rare long weekend in New York, checking out Christo's gates and grazing as we went along. A few of the highlights included: the crispy, perfectly baked crust at John's Pizza.

Real New York bagels (ok, I admit it, they are different) at Ess-a-bagel and H & H.

A cheese blintz with strawberry-rhubarb sauce at Zabar's.
Various noodle soups at Bo-Ky in Chinatown.

The history of the Chinese restaurant in America exhibit at the Chinatown Museum.

Cocktails in Williamsburg and at the Subway Bar in midtown.
Peruvian chicken delivered to a friend's house in Morningside Heights -- Pollos a la Brasa, why don't you deliver?
And of course, walking around Central Park and just basically wandering.


BethBlogs said...

The PICTURE of John's pizza made me miss New York.

Mona said...

My bf just moved around the corner from Ess-a-bagel and I have to say I was extremely impressed with my bagel this morning. My whole wheat bagel was clearly every bit whole and wheat...my only disappointment was they "don't do toasted." A bagel ain't a bagel if it ain't toasted!

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A. L. said...

Clearly I'm commenting about a thousand years after you posted, but . . . You went to the Subway Bar? So scary.

The next time you're in NYC, stop by Una Pizza Napoletana. It's truly amazing.

Lisa said...

You need to check out www.code.tv for great New York restaurants!! I always use it for when I know I'm going to be in the area!

Anonymous said...
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