Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Valentine's Day proposition

If you insist on taking your beloved to a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day, you probably should have made reservations already. But here's why I don't think that's a very good idea, especially for those of you who love to eat. That's a tourist holiday. It's worse than New Year's Eve. Slapdash prix fixe meals with random hearts strewn on top do not equal romance. My suggestions:
-Take all your single friends to have Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley.
- Canoodle with your sweetie and some fiery mole at Monte Alban. Sneak in some tequila.
-Buy something sweet and beautiful at Boule or Joan's on Third, take it home and consume with all your loved ones.
But speaking of Boule, they're hosting an event on the Friday before Valentine's Day which sounds quite lovely, without the annoying pressure of a formal dinner.
The lovely little jewel box of a bakery is doing an event based on pairings of chocolate and wine, "going beyond champagne into nuanced tastings" with chefs David and Michelle Myers. Their chocolate is quite wonderful, so it sounds good to me, plus I love red wine with my chocolate. Unfortunately, I'll be in New York consuming pizza, bagels and all that Gotham sort of food.
Boule Chocolate and Wine tasting
Friday, Feb. 11, 7:30, $50
420 N. LaCienega
call 310-289-9977


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