Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Food news updates

I'm a little behind on the blog, so here's a quick catch-up of food news. I'm going to be posting more frequent links and articles as well as original content, but a person can only eat so much, so if you've read or written something interesting in the local food world lately, please let me know.
Last week's L.A. Times food section had a nice piece on Farmer's Market. Unlike the Bobby Flay TV show, the writer got it mostly right, possibly because Variety contributor and Farmer's Market regular Bill Higgins helped lead him to the right people.

This week's feature is an exhaustive treatise on burritos. I have a feeling the writer left out several of the Chowhounds' favorite places like Thi's precious King Taco, but it's a nice start.

Not quite local, but Sunday's New York Times had a wonderful story on what it's like to be Alice Waters' daughter Fanny. Fanny grew up in Berkeley, going to nursery school with my nephew, and eating food most of couldn't even imagine at her age. Now she's at Yale and has become nearly as particular as her famous mother.

Nearly as young as Fanny are Vinny Dotolo and John Shook, the Food Dudes, two very young L.A. caterers also profiled in the NY Times.


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