Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are you foodie enough to win tickets to Great Chefs of L.A.?

Govind Armstrong, left, at last year's event

Want to score a pair of tickets to Great Chefs of L.A., a big benefit Go Green, Go Organic tasting Sunday, Nov. 8 at CBS Studio Center for the National Kidney Foundation?

First, you must sing for your supper -- after all, these benefit tasting tickets usually go for $150 each.

The winner will be the first person to email me answers to the following questions about the participating chefs and also become a fan of Great Chefs of L.A. on Facebook or follow Greatchefsofla on Twitter.

1) Akasha Restaurant offers La Fin du Monde beer. Where is this brew made and what does it mean?
2) What other notable L.A. restaurateur did Josie LeBalch work with while at Wolfgang Puck's Ma Maison?
3) Loteria's Jimmy Shaw is originally from what city?
4) Govind Armstrong worked for which top L.A. chefs while still a teenager?

A winner will be chosen by 12 noon, Wednesday, Nov. 4. Thanks for playing!


Unknown said...

The email me link goes to a not found page, but the email address ( is listed after the url. I sent my answers to that email address a little bit ago. Is this address correct?

TNT Adventures said...
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darci said...

1. "the end of the world" made in belgium.
2. serge gouloumes
3. mexico city
4. wolfgang puck