Monday, October 26, 2009

Adam Goldberg disses Speranza and S.L. restos in general

Is Speranza really that bad? That's what actor Adam Goldberg seems to be saying as he wails on the Hyperion spot and all Silver Lake restaurants in this video promo for his new movie "Untitled." As he drives up and down Hyperion and eats at an eccentric friend's house (is that perennial scenester John Tottenham in the background?), Goldberg riffs on the traffic on Franklin and how he's just not feeling the strip of restaurants where Birds is located. Too bad "Untitled" is set in New York, because Goldberg seems to have plenty to say about L.A.!


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Matthew P said...

I must disagree. This really great guy that I work with turned me on to Speranza, and me and my GF had the greatest time. The atmosphere was great and the BYOB wine was a flowin'!

Right on, man! Stick it to those Hollywood D-Bags!