Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What is and isn't opening in L.A.

EaterLA did a handy wrap-up on what is and isn't opening around town -- what the heck is happening Downtown? So many announced restaurants, so few that look to be opening soon.

In Silver Lake, Crackhead Minimall continues its transformation into Good Eating Minimall with the imminent arrival of Garage Pizza, joining Saito's Sushi, Agra Indian and Nadpob Thai. There's more Italian coming to the minimall further down Sunset, as well as Mongolian barbecue. We also hear there's changes afoot at Michelangelo's on Silver Lake Blvd. Eat Well seems to be permanently closed -- a great location for someone if they can manage to banish those pesky critters for good.

In Echo Park, Cafe Stella's owners are getting Artisan off the ground, while we await the arrival of Two Boots Pizza. Meanwhile, 15 is packing them in.

Any Eagle Rock and Highland Park updates? We're planning on trying Brownstone Pizza soon and for shame, I still haven't been to Bashan...any other recs in the area?

In South Pasadena, diners are awaiting the re-opening of Gus's Barbecue in February, hoping the new owners from The Original Top's Burgers will keep the great neon sign and revamp the menu. There's some details of the new menu on the website, including succotash with edamame, chopped salad with mango and gruyere mac 'n cheese.


my little apartment said...

i gave Brownstone Pizza a try and its great! its no Village Pizzeria, but it is definitely on par with Damiano's, which is one of my all time favorites. I'm glad to finally have an alternative to Casa Bianca, which is good, but not worth all the gushing.

back to Brownstone: i got a mushroom/pineapple slice and a meatball slice. i ate half of each; they were huge! the sauce was minimal but flavorful...it woulda been nice to have a little bit of cheese sprinkled over the toppings before the popped the pre-cooked slices back in the oven, but it wasnt that bigga deal.

the interior will benefit greatly from some decor on the walls, but i heard that they plan to mount framed photos of old pizzerias? they guy who runs the place is SUPER nice...

my one gripe: whats up with them only being open til 9pm?!

Anonymous said...

Andiamo Silver Lake will be opening very soon-2815 Sunset Blvd. at Silver Lake. The recent renovation has been spectacular!
Gourmet pizza, pasta, and salads.
Hmmm....I can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...